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Our Plaice offers a wide range products, catering for all the family. Typical items found on our menu:

Cod – a lean, mild flavour with large, white flakes and tender-firm texture, caught in Icelandic waters.

Haddock - a lean, mildly-sweet fish with medium white flakes and a tender texture.

Hake - a very mild taste with a sweet, meaty profile similar to cod but milder in taste, with small flakes and soft texture.

Lemon Sole - a sweet-tasting moist flat fish with a delicate texture.

Plaice – a mild, slightly sweet-tasting flat fish with a delicate texture.

Red Snapper - a lean, moist fish with a distinctive sweet nutty taste and a firm, meaty texture.

Sea Bass - a lean, delicate taste with small to medium flakes and a meaty, moderately firm texture.

Swordfish - a mildly sweet taste and a moist, meaty texture. (n.b. Not suitable for pregnant women!)

Tuna - a distinctive medium-full taste with very large dark flakes and a firm, meaty texture.

Fishcake - a homemade mix of minced fish, potato, herbs and spices, shaped and coated in light, crispy breadcrumbs.

Fresh Roe - a delicious, seasonal delicacy. We serve cod roe, cooked in a light batter. Fresh roe is only available from Christmas through to Easter, so make the most of it while it lasts!

Tinned Roe - a more affordable option available all year round, yet still a delicious cod roe option.

Chips - freshly prepared daily, thick cut from locally sourced potatoes.

Sausage – family-run Blackman’s high quality tasty meat sausage, available plain or battered.

Pies and Pasties - locally produced and supplied by Pukka pies. All have a light, fluffy pastry filled with only the finest fillings.

Chicken - the highest quality chicken breast and leg quarters.

Kebab meats - only the best quality sliced doner meat and chicken. Mediterranean marinated meat kebabs are prepared with fresh salad and a wide range of sauces to complement the kebab.

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